Keeping all you fiends up to date on the latest, greatest, and most gloriously gruesome details about the TRIMMERS film.  

The hash ball is growing

You Can Do Anything As Long As You Have The Passion, The Drive, The Focus, And The Support -Sabrina Bryan

Thanks Sabs! 
Officially making TRIMMERS more official this week as we snagged up the Instagram handle TRIMMERS.FILM   Our plan is to build out a social media strategy that's cohesive of a more dialed in script. 

Speaking of the script! Draft two is complete and copyrighted with WGAs. Mentors are all receiving copies today to lovingly shred, hack, and rip apart, while also dousing said script with as much red ink as humanly possible.... and I couldn't be more grateful. 

It's TRIMMERS community and support systems that gives us the confidence this early on to produce a full feature film. Acknowledging the mountain we have yet to climb, we feel extremely well prepared with an entire village of sherpas to keep us on course. That's right, TRIMMERS is gonna get wicked high. 
Many thanks. 

PS. The thanking will never cease to stop, best you be cool with it.