Keeping all you fiends up to date on the latest, greatest, and most gloriously gruesome details about the TRIMMERS film.  

Where we at...

Here are the cold hard facts as this monster grows exponentially every day

  •  First draft is written. Undoubtedly there will be a few revised versions but this is coming along very smoothly. A year of research went into writing a screenplays, a lifetime of developing characters for the stage and film, along with 15 years of positive workflow for designing content. 
  • We (obviously) own the domain TRIMMERS.FILM and this websight is live!
  •  A Teaser has been shot and footage is in our editor's hands. Pleased as punch to be collaborating George Cuddy of Pandora Film Labs. The idea here, is to give you an idea of our idea. The tone, mood, and world that is TRIMMERS. The first and thus important step in building buzz. 
  • TRIMMERS has a producer! Rebecca Anne: New York City Mad Woman now Hollywood, most recently produced music videos for Metro Station (Trace Cyrus) and here's the thing... She's incredibly good at what she does while being one of the most calm and collected woman to grace this earth. Point blank: Rebecca kicks ass and I couldn't be more joyed to be on the same team. 
  • MENTORS! Accompanied people who are doing some great things in the LA area. 
  • Logo concepts up the wazoo. Poster concepts draining out ever pour. 
  • E-MAIL!  
    Feel free to say hi or even use the contact form built into this site
  • One killer photo shoot with the gorgeous and talented Mary Jane Model herself Deja Destiny. Having worked with countels models over the past decade, she is one of the best, and the photos are living proof. Give her pages some love as I can't recommend her enough.