Keeping all you fiends up to date on the latest, greatest, and most gloriously gruesome details about the TRIMMERS film.  

What started as a taste, blossomed into a lifestyle

Ten new friends from all walks of life, from all over the globe, busting ass 14+ hours a day, 6 days/week, for two months.  Rebels. World travelers. Liberated creatures. A collective that regardless of any films creation, is one cast of characters. 

The idea of TRIMMERS was born from over a decade navigating the ganja industry and its wild diversity of dimensional personalities.

Having called Los Angeles my home for the past year, living out my dream as a professional actor, I tossed out the TRIMMERS elevator pitch (super-ultra-wicked short version: Horror flick on a ganja farm) and the feedback was inspiring.


This blogs intention is to keep any and all interested parties, up to date with the latest happenings. It's my hope that it may also serve as a soft blueprint for self-producing a film. Technology and distribution make this endeavor quite the new experience than it was 10/20 years ago, so here's to all the gallons of fake blood, sweat, and tears that's sure to come.

Thanks for tuning in. Now let's turn it up. 
-Josh    aka: BodhiFox