Keeping all you fiends up to date on the latest, greatest, and most gloriously gruesome details about the TRIMMERS film.  

The Logo...IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!

Instagram account alive and active. TRIMMERS.FILM

With my background in photography, I couldn't be more excited to get the TRIMMERS instagram up and running! Pre production is half the journey to a successful film, and the theory is that we'll be able to connect with our community in some really fun ways. 

I realize that a lot or even most of those who enjoy the many pleasures of cannabis may not realize that each and every bud is hand trimmed by an individual. 

Yes, very much aware that “The Machines” are taking over. All the more reason to capture such a special time and place.

This all translates to TRIMMERS being responsible to educate its prospective audience about trimming and the ganja farming processes. Our instagram will aid in a visually bringing this to life as well as showcasing some fun behind the scenes creative progress. 

Please give us a flow as it's sure to be one hell of a fall,